Reading List for Lent

Need some reading material for Lent? Check out our list of available books provided by the parish to help you meditate, pray, and/or reflect during the Lenten Season. The Lighthouse Catholic Media booth in the church vestibule has not only books, but CDs and little booklets as well. In order to keep providing these materials, we ask for a donation of $3/booklet; $4/CD; $5/book. The Parish Library is located in Camerman Hall (church basement) which is open on Sundays during Hospitality or Fridays during the Knights of Columbus’ Lenten Fish Fry. Also, be sure to check out the Parish Gift Shop for other reading materials on Sundays.

Available in the Parish Office!

A Short Guide to Praying as a Family

Compiled by the Dominican Sisters of Saint Cecilia in Nashville

Praying together not only enriches family life but also leads the Catholic family toward its primary goal: the holiness and salvation of each member.

This wonderful little book provides a simple and easy-to-implement plan for family prayer. Arranged successively according to the basic stages of prayer, A Short Guide to Praying as a Family allows each family to progress step by step from one level of prayer to the next. Beautiful stained-glass images invite you to enter the mystery of each prayer and give glory to God as a family. 

Designed to be used throughout the day, this book will help your family speak to God, turn to Him for help, listen to Him, and praise Him. What better gift could you give them?


You can purchase a copy in the Parish Office for only $10!

Lighthouse Catholic Media

Located in the church vestibule, you can purchase these books for $5.00/book

Not what you’re looking for?
Visit to see their full list of books you can purchase online. OR feel free to make a suggestion by contacting the Parish Office.

PETER-Keys to Following Jesus

By Tim Gray

Renowned scholar Dr. Tim Gray masterfully guides you through the tumultuous and inspiring life of Peter—from his call to discipleship to his eventual martyrdom in Rome. Using Sacred Scripture and tradition, Dr. Gray highlights these important lessons from Peter’s life, including:

• How to become a trusting disciple and “cast into the deep”
• The pitfalls of living discipleship at a distance and the eventual denial that will come
• How to recover from sin and accept God’s mercy
• How to become a bold witness to others of the love of Jesus

Come to better know, love, and follow Jesus through the Rock on whom he built his Church.

The Case for Jesus - The Biblical & Historical Evidence for Christ

By Brant Pitre

Dr. Brant Pitre, scripture scholar and bestselling author, uses biblical and historical evidence to bolster the “case for Jesus” by exposing the problems with the many false theories that have been introduced over the past hundred years resulting in widespread skepticism about the reliability of Christian faith. He tackles head-on questions like: Were the four Gospels written anonymously? Did Jesus claim to be God? Did Jesus fulfill the Jewish prophecies of the Messiah? and many more. Above all, Pitre shows how the divine claims of Jesus of Nazareth can only be understood by putting them in their ancient Jewish context.

Available in our Parish Library

We also have a wide variety of Lenten material in our Parish Library, located in Camerman Hall!
Here’s a taste of what’s available:

On the Passion of Christ According to the Four Evangelists

By Thomas A Kempis

In his famous spiritual classic, “The Imitation of Christ”, Thomas à Kempis reminds the reader that in order to become a follower of Christ one must imitate his life, and to accomplish this he adds: “Let it then be our main concern to meditate on the life of Jesus Christ. It is impossible to imitate Christ without first knowing him, and the best way of getting to know him is by meditating on his life as it is described in the four Gospels.”

Thus, in this wonderful meditation book, perfect for Lent, or any time of the year, the great spiritual writer and monk presents profound, short reflections on Gospel passages about the passion and death of Christ. Each chapter, focusing on a specific aspect of the Passion of Our Lord, gives a prayer, a meditation and spiritual advice and closes with another short prayer.

Very much in the same style as his “The Imitation of Christ,” this book covers the entire Passion, and makes great spiritual reading for anyone.

A Lenten Journey with Jesus Christ and St. John of the Cross

By Rev. George Mangiaracina, OCD

“O Lord, my God, who will seek you with simple and pure love, and not find that you are all one can desire, for you show yourself first and go out to meet those who seek you?”

With these beautiful words, St. John of the Cross places before us God’s great invitation of Love. He reminds us that it is God who fulfills our desires, God who yearns for us, and God who will come to us if we seek Him.

Accept the invitation to journey through Lent with Jesus Christ and one of the great spiritual writers of the Catholic Church, St. John of the Cross. Inside you will find an Invitation from St. John of the Cross, a short biography of St. John of the Cross, a History of Lent, and St. John of the Cross on following Jesus. Each day of Lent, weekdays and Sundays, begins with: a Gospel Reading, a selection from the Writings of St. John of the Cross, a Reflection, and a Prayer.

Let this book help you explore the spiritual wisdom of St. John of the Cross and the journey to God.

The Seven Last Words of Jesus

By Romanus Cessario OP

Father Cessario writes powerfully and lovingly about each of the seven statements uttered by the Son of God on Calvary s cross and finds in each of them a remarkable expression of the divine order, the theme that underlies his entire composition. The ease with which he cites Scripture, the Fathers and Doctors of the Church, and theologians of all eras never ceases to amaze. One immediately senses that we are being taught and inspired by a deeply committed follower of the Lord who loves and reveres all that the Church teaches and earnestly desires to share it with others.
In the name of the thousands who heard Father Cessario on Good Friday 2008 in Saint Patricks Cathedral and the thousands more who will have an opportunity to read and meditate these pages, and in my own name as well, I express my admiration and heartfelt gratitude to this extraordinary theologian and preacher.

-From the Foreword by Edward Cardinal Egan Archbishop of New York

At the Foot of the Cross - The Seven Lessons of Mary for the Sorrowing Heart

By Gerald Vann

Fr. Gerald Vann, an English Dominican, offers solace to the sorrowing heart by encouraging the afflicted to imitate Mary’s courageous responses to trouble, and in the process, use sorrow’s power to transform the soul.

Lent & Easter Wisdom from Pope John Paul II

Compiled by John V. Kruse

In “Lent and Easter Wisdom from Pope John Paul II,” the late Holy Father’s thought-provoking words lead readers through a journey of conversion throughout the season. Each daily reflection—from Ash Wednesday through the Second Sunday of Easter—begins with thoughts from Pope John Paul II on some appropriate theme, supported by Scripture, a prayer, and a suggested activity for spiritual growth.

From Ashes to Easter - Lenten Meditations

By Robert F. Morneau

This Lenten devotional contains meditations for each week of Lent, leading up to Holy Week and finally Easter. It focuses on prayer and poetry as a way to address God in praise and Thanksgiving. Each reading begins with a gospel reading, followed by a brief commentary and a refrain taken from the Divine Office, summarizing the core idea of the gospel reading.

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