The parish library, now containing over 1500 books and media, is located in Camerman Hall. It is open after the 8:15 and 11 AM Sunday Masses, and during any events held in Camerman Hall. The library is subject-organized with author cards to help you locate titles by particular authors.

Contact the parish office if you wish to volunteer to help with the Library Ministry, add books to our Wish List, or to inquire about donating Catholic books or funds to help us purchase more books.

   Search the parish library online

Once you find a book you would like to check out, write down the author, title, and LC classification number. The books are shelved by the LC classification number. Follow the procedures below.

You can search the online catalog by author, title, ISBN, or publisher. To find books by subject, click on the TAGS tab.

Check Out Procedures

  1. After selecting your book(s), remove the card from the pocket in the back of the book.
  2. Print your name, phone number, and the current date on the card.
  3. Place the card in the purple basket on the corner shelf.
  4. Check out time is currently one month maximum. Please return materials in a timely manner so they are available for others.
  5. Place returned books or media on the bottom corner shelf in the basket where noted. You may also return books to the Parish Office during weekdays.
  6. DO NOT RESHELVE books or refile the check-out cards. (The librarians will take care of them.)

Would You Like to Donate a Book?

We are constantly seeking to update our library, by adding new works & replacing books that are old and worn (I mean well-loved).  Check out our Wish List and please consider donating to the library. We greatly appreciate your contributions!



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