There are many ministries at Our Lady Star of the Sea which make it such a thriving parish for living out the call to holiness. The ministries and apostolates at Star of the Sea are a wonderful way for Catholics to get involved in work and opportunities to grow in faith at our parish. Find out more about these ministries below and how you can get involved.

Other Ministries:


Ministry, Contact, Contact via

Adult Confirmation, Deacon Bill Hamlin,

Tuesday Morning Bible Study, Lucy C.,

Extraordinary Ministers, Deacon Bill Hamlin,

Extraordinary Ministers for the Homebound, Kathy Warcup,

Faith Works, Sister Amata Christi,

Fidelis, Sarah Keller, or Ruth Rivaldi,

Fraternus, John Boyle,

Ignite, Kennedy youth missionary,

Mary’s Place, Deacon Hamlin,

RCIA, Tony H.,

Sparks, Ruby youth missionary,

Teen Confirmation, Savannah youth missionary,

Ushers, Ginny G.,

Wednesday Adult Faith Formation, Fr. Lappe,


Apostolates and Other Outreach Opportunities

Helping homeless men and homeless men with children rebuild their lives.

Contact: Deacon Bill Hamlin at or 479-3777

Human service outreach arms of the Archdiocese

Contact: Deacon Bill Hamlin at or 479-3777

Cursillo is a movement of the Catholic Church which involves friends helping, inspiring and encouraging each other in living and growing in the Catholic faith. The usual way of getting started in Cursillo is to attend a Cursillo week-end.  It is a joyous workshop in our Catholic faith where everyone experiences three essential encounters: an encounter with oneself, an encounter with Jesus Christ, and an encounter with others. For more information about our Archdiocesan Cursillo Movement, visit our website at or

Contact: Jerry Hyde at 360-377-9335.

Contact: Norma S. at

The Militia of the Immaculata (MI) is a worldwide evangelization movement founded by St. Maximilian Kolbe in 1917 that encourages total consecration to the Blessed Virgin Mary as a means of spiritual renewal for individuals and society. The MI movement is open to all Catholics over 7 years old. It employs prayer as the main tool in the spiritual battle with evil.

Contact: Julie Elkington at or 479-7636

Natural Family Planning (NFP) is a term for various methods of fertility awareness used by couples to achieve or postpone pregnancies. NFP is highly effective (99% effective rate) when properly learned and practiced. NFP can help build better marriages by enhancing communication and respect between spouses and by keeping God at the center of married love. NFP is accepted by all major religions including the Catholic Church as a means of spacing babies or limiting family size when a married couple has a sufficiently serious reason to do so. It is simple and available here at Our Lady Star of the Sea.

Contact: Lucy Clemen at or 271-3611

Compassion and care for those touched by abortion. Many people whose lives are touched by abortion experience feelings of fear, anxiety, guilt, panic and pressure. The Catholic Church understands and cares.  Project Rachel reaches out to all in compassion and concern.

Call 1-800-822-4673.  All calls are confidential.

Friends of Stella Maris offers support for the Stella Maris House, helping homeless women and homeless women with children rebuild their lives.

Contact: Patricia Weygandt at or 503-706-7432

Offers tangible assistance to those in need on a person-to-person basis.

Contact: Craig Weygandt at or 503-360-4343