Spiritual Bouquets

This is a fledgling ministry that needs more volunteers. If you have (or want) an active prayer life, you can help “deliver” our spiritual bouquets in commemoration of special events in the lives of our parishioners.

  • What are Spiritual Bouquets?  –  Spiritual Bouquets are prayers or devotional acts that someone (the giver) has or will offer for someone else (the recipient).  It can be given from an individual or group to an individual or group to express joy, sorrow or best wishes, often in commemoration of a special occasion.  The recipient is given a card or similar indicating who the giver is and what the spiritual bouquet consists of.  This can be the number of Masses attended, Holy Communions offered, rosaries and/or other prayers said, or good deeds performed.  It should include the sender’s name and the number of times each offering was or will be done, and it may also include the dates.

All benefit from prayer. The nicest part of this ministry is that it can be done communally or alone, at church or at home. Many of our homebound are the best “pray-ers”, so they are a special gift to this ministry.  Click Here for a Spiritual Bouquet Card that you may download and send to the beneficiary of your gift.




Welcome Ministry!

Our Welcome Team, is geared to welcoming new parishioners. Some of the ways this can be done is by having greeters before Sunday Mass, a phone call to new parishioners, welcoming them to the family and, perhaps, inviting them to meet over a cup of coffee in Camerman Hall. Nothing says “welcome” like a friendly face. And if you’re a little nervous about putting yourself out there, think about the person or family coming into a new area. This is a military community and we have many newcomers.

Street Outreach

Our ministry is two-fold, incorporating both St. Paul Street Evangelization down by the Harbor, followed by ministering to those experiencing homelessness in downtown Bremerton through care packages, a meal, conversations, and prayer.


We have been able to handout rosaries and care packages, share the Gospel, build relationships, and pray with about 80-100 people each outing. 

Outings typically take place on the Second Sundays of the month from 1:00-4:00pm. We meet in the parish office parking lot to pack up and pray, then carpool downtown.

Ways to Support and Be Involved


  • Each outing, we make care packages to those in need. We are seeking donations such as granola bars, fruit cups, beef jerky, Gatorade, crackers, trail mix, tuna packets, Vienna sausages, deodorant, band-aides, dental hygiene items, socks, wipes, emergency blankets, etc. We have a surplus of water, please prioritize individually wrapped food items. Donations can be delivered to the parish office labeled “Street Outreach”.


Care Packaging Team

  • After we receive donations, we have a small team of individuals who package the items into bags, as well as makes pb&j sandwiches and a seasonal beverage the day of our outings. We are always looking for more hands to help in this effort!


Street Team

  • Each outing, a team of about 15 parishioners hit the streets to pray and love those in our local community. We have training resources available so we are safe, as well as represent Christ to the best of our ability. All are welcome to join us. Youth (17 and under) must be accompanied by an adult.



  • We believe that everything fruitful and everlasting that takes place in our ministry is only by the power and kindness of the Lord. For that reason, it is important to us that our ministry is surrounded in prayer. We want to stay close to the Lord’s heart for our community and move as He moves. Our heart is to see broken hearts restored, the lost be found, and for every person to have the opportunity to encounter Christ. If you have a gift of intercession and would like to be a part of our team, contact Gabby. Your prayers have power.


Ministry Contact

Gabby Herndon:  gabby@starofthesea.net

Kristy Pitts, SPSE Lead:  sissynina222@gmail.com