Mass Intentions

Monthly Mass Intentions

Any Catholic may offer up the Mass in which he or she participates for any good intention. Certainly, graces will accrue in accordance with the intensity of that person’s participation and sincerity. This is a genuine exercise of the royal or common priesthood of the faithful.

The custom of requesting a priest to offer the Mass for a specific intention, even when one cannot be physically present at the Mass, is a longstanding tradition in the Church because the Church considers the Mass as the greatest possible prayer of intercession insofar as it is the perfect offering of Christ to the Father by making present the paschal mystery of his death and resurrection.

Because of the particular role of the priest as mediator between God and man, acting “in persona Christi” when offering the holy sacrifice of the Mass, it is usually considered that special graces may be obtained when he applies the Mass to a particular intention. (ROME, 22 FEB. 2005 [ZENIT]).

Month of June, 2018
Fri. June 1 Altar Society INT
Sat. June 2 Legion of Mary INT
Sun. June 3 – Corpus Christi Honarato Compuesto SR INT
Mon. June 4 Jacob Bauer INT
Tues. June 5 Lena & Jun Lacsamana INT
Wed. June 6 William Scheer RIP
Thurs. June 7 Luke Garrison RIP
Fri. June 8 – Most Sacred Heart (S) Vallery Bradley RIP
Sat. June 9 – Immaculate Heart of Mary (M) Joseph Valerio RIP
Sun. June 10 Hoang Nguyen RIP
Mon. June 11 High School Confirmation Class '18 INT
Tues. June 12 Michael Riepl RIP
Wed. June 13 Bob & DeAnna Kiefer INT
Thurs. June 14 Anne Sexton INT
Fri. June 15 Peggy Mathews INT
Sat. June 16 Eladia Luna INT
Sun. June 17 – Father's Day Novena
Mon. June 18 – Father's Day Novena
Tues. June 19 – Father's Day Novena
Wed. June 20 – Father's Day Novena
Thurs. June 21 – Father's Day Novena
Fri. June 22 – Father's Day Novena
Sat. June 23 – Father's Day Novena
Sun. June 24 – Father's Day Novena
Mon. June 25 – Father's Day Novena
Tues. June 26 Miles Santos Tan RIP
Wed. June 27 Declan Hartsell INT
Thurs. June 28 Betty Parolini RIP
Fri. June 29 – Sts Peter & Paul (S) Irene Webber INT
Sat. June 30 Rodney Palaoro RIP

To schedule a Mass intention, please call or come into the parish office. Because of the number of requests, Mass intentions are usually scheduled six months in advance.

Holy Father’s Prayer Intentions for June 2018:

Universal – Social Networks
That social networks may work towards that inclusiveness which respects others for their differences..