It Only Takes 40 to Save 1,000

100% matched | 100% to machines 
Every machine saves 1,000 lives


40 families from our church can save 1,000 babies per year

For the cost of a monthly pizza ($25) you can save one life. When 40 families from our church commit to the same monthly sacrifice, we can save 40 lives per month. How?

Your monthly tax-deductible donation of $25, combined with 39 others from our parish will be matched by 4US giving partners to purchase an ultrasound machine for a pregnancy center.

$25/month for one year x 40

= $12,000 (matched by 4US partners)

= cost of one ultrasound machine

100% matched. 100% to machines. Every machine saves 1,000 lives.

Imagine the countless generations that will know life thanks to you.
Your gift will echo into eternity…

Get started by clicking the “Donate Now” button. Select our parish “Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Church” and enter the amount and frequency you wish to give.  

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