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The Domestic Church Project (from Catholic Sprouts) is a home-based, 6 week program for the WHOLE family.

This program was designed to help ANY parent (no matter your own formation level, no matter if you are a single parent, convert or married to a non-Catholic, etc) build and lead a Domestic Church.  

And best of all, the Domestic Church Project requires zero prep on your part.  We will be going through the Domestic Church Project together as a parish, but in a real way, you will be leading your family through this experience. Don’t worry, we will make sure you know exactly what to do and when, but all of those details will come your way soon enough.

You will be invited to join at our First Friday Family Formation Night, with the exception of this first meeting being on a Thursday due to the holiday weekend.  

Kick-Off Event

Thursday, September 2, 2021  |  Camerman Hall  | 6:00PM

There will be a potluck dinner, so bring a dish to share!



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