Sacred Story Community
Small-Group Evangelization for Young Adults and Adults

Over the years I have had the opportunity to be involved with the Sacred Story project founded by Fr. William Watson SJ. I found the Forty Weeks book and practices to be of great benefit both personally and spiritually, and I know many of you who worked through it found it beneficial as well.
Recently Fr. Watson has launched a new phase in his efforts to renew the spiritual life of Catholics through this Sacred Story Community project. This work will basically involve giving people the opportunity to join small groups that will involve spiritual practices along with corporal and spiritual works of mercy.
This is not meant to be a short-term commitment but will be part of lifelong discipleship and growth in holiness – the model is based on the Marian Sodality Movement which will be Ignatian, Marian and anchored in the Christocentric spirituality of the Sacred Heart of Christ.
I would like to put out this proposal (click here to read the document)  so that those who are interested can begin to read it and prayerfully discern if this is something they feel called to consider. There will be a period of candidacy (which you can read the specifics of from pages 8-11). The rest of the document offers some theological background and context for such a commitment.
Please read through it carefully and if you feel called to learn more about this process send me an email at:
The process of getting started will take a bit of time as we work around the pandemic, but this might be a good time to start thinking about where you are going as we emerge from this time.

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