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Wed March 18th Update

It has been busy – but productive day today.

We are ready to move forward tomorrow with reaching out by telephone with our parishioners.

We worked today as a parish and school staff to identify the most important things we need to be doing at this time.

The first thing is to try to reach out by phone or email to our parishioners (especially the elderly) to see how they are doing and if they have any pressing needs right now (prayer, someone to talk to, help with groceries, pharmacy, chores etc.). We also want to identify those people that we really need to keep in contact in case they are somewhat isolated.

To this end – I need some volunteers who would be able to make phone calls to people. If you think you can do this I will have a “script and conversation starter sheet” for you and a list of names to contact.

I already have some names, but if you’d be willing to help please email me: