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Walk to Jerusalem

You made it! Our previous virtual walk brought us to Bethlehem in time for Epiphany!

Now we’re back home, and it’s cold and wet outside. Our bodies still need a good workout on a regular basis but it’s difficult in the winter. We’ll begin traveling back to the Holy Land, going to Jerusalem by Holy Week! We will take a much different route, learning about new places as we go. if you’d like to join us on this tour, sign up by contacting Kathy Warcup at the parish office: 479-3777 or

The “Walk”  is a virtual tour in which each participant logs in weekly miles (or minutes) of any type of exercise. We add our miles together, and our cumulative total advances us along the map. As we go, you can learn about the geography, history and culture of the places we travel through, and you’ll have opportunities to grow in your prayer life. There are even prize drawings on the way! Watch the bulletin board and map in the church vestibule for more information.