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Walk to Bethlehem

A FREE Pilgrimage to Bethlehem…. Without ever leaving home!

Have you noticed the days getting a little bit shorter? Before you know it, Advent will be upon us! Last year this time, over 120 parishioners set out on a journey towards Bethlehem, hoping to reach the stable by Christmas. And we made it. Will you join us this year?

Our “Walk to Bethlehem” is a virtual journey, designed to help us grow spiritually, improve our physical fitness, and learn more about the world in which we live. Each participant logs in their “miles” of exercise—whether that exercise is walking, running, swimming, dance, soccer, Cross Fit, Zumba, cycling, etc. We report our miles every week or so, add them all together, and our cumulative miles move us along a map from Bremerton all the way to Bethlehem.

christmas-journeyEach week, as we track our cumulative miles, we learn about a new area we’re travelling through; the geography, the local faith and customs, and the needs of the local people there for our prayers. We have prayer and scripture study suggestions based on our travel, and we even learn about fitness. Each registered participant will learn how to track mileage and where to find weekly updates.

As the days grow shorter and colder, it can be more difficult to motivate ourselves to get out and exercise. This imaginary pilgrimage might be just the inspiration you need! To register or learn more, contact Kathy at the Parish Office: 479-3777, ext. 8916, or

May God walk with us on this exciting journey!