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The Assumption of Mary

Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Thursday, August 15
Holy Day of Obligation

Mass Times: 9:00 AM   |   Noon   |   7:00 PM


Taken from “The Glories of Mary”

How glorious was the triumph of Mary when she ascended to heaven! How exalted was the throne to which she was raised in heaven!

It would seem just that the holy Church, on this day of the Assumption of Mary to heaven, should rather invite us to weep than rejoice, since our sweet mother has quitted this earth, and left us bereft of her sweet presence, as St. Bernard says: “It seems that we should rather weep than exalt…but no, the holy Church invites us to rejoice: ‘Let us all rejoice in the Lord, celebrating a festival in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary.’ And justly, if we love this our mother, we ought to congratulate ourselves more upon her glory than upon our own particular consolation.”

What son does not rejoice, although separated from his mother, if he knows that she is going to take possession of a kingdom? Mary, today, is to be crowned Queen of Heaven, and shall we not make a feast and rejoice if we truly love her? Let us all rejoice, let us rejoice:”Gaudeamus omnes, et gaudeamus.” And that we may be consoled the more by her exaltation, let us consider, in the first place, how glorious was the triumph of Mary ascending to heaven; secondly, how exalted was the throne to which she was elevated to heaven.

Let us rejoice with Mary in the glory with which her God has enriched her; and let us also rejoice for ourselves, for Mary, at the same time was made queen of the world, and appointed our advocate. She is so merciful an advocate, that she consents to defend all sinners who recommend themselves to her; and she is so powerful with our Judge that she gains all the causes which she defends. Oh our queen and advocate, in thy hand is our salvation; if thou dost pray for us, we shall be saved. Say to thy Son that thou dost wish us with thee in paradise. He denies thee nothing that thou dost ask. Oh our life, our sweetness, and our hope ! Mary, pray to Jesus for us.