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Volunteer Opportunities

Need to fulfill School Parent or Student hours?

Want to do something worthwhile & fun with your family this summer?

Consider Helping During the Summer Months For:


H O S P I T A L I T Y  |  Sunday Mornings
Contact Marsha Frisch at 360-551-5050 or



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M A R Y ‘ S   P L A C E | Mondays
Contact Diane Jennings at



BirthdayBlastVBSV A C A T I O N   B I B L E   S C H O O L | July 18-22
Contact Priscilla McKinney at



K I T S A P   C O.   O L S O S   P R O – L I F E   F A I R   B O O T H | August 24-28
Contact Glenn Stockton at



the 300 small4 U S ( R A L L Y   R O U N D   4   U L T R A S O U N D ) | August 12-14
Contact Beth Gill at



OurParishC H U R C H   C L E A N I N G | Fridays
Contact Meg at 360-479-3777 or