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Sister Parish – Nov. Calendar

Praise the Lord, for He is good; His mercy endures forever” -Psalm 136:1

Besides praying together some of these groups have started saving and credit organizations in order to fight poverty which is the biggest problem in the area. This has been done through the following ways:

  • Save for Burial
  • Ebibina Byengozi (Groups that carry sick persons in the community to the nearest health unit.)

Begin with Prayer:

  • Pray in thanksgiving for the solar power, lighting, and refrigerator installed atNyakishenyi Catholic Health Centre last month
  • Pray for the souls in purgatory
  • Pray for the priests in our Sister Parish, Fr. Reuben Mubangizi and Fr. Boniface Katatika
  • Pray for Bless Tumukwasibwe, In-Charge at Nyakishenyi Catholic Health Centre.
  • Pray for our 2nd Delegation as they prepare for their visit to our Sister Parish in January

Opportunities to Make a Difference:

  • Join a Tank Team (each team commits to donation $300/mo)
  • Education Sponsorship: Judith Amutuhaire ($200/term)
  • Internet Project ($1,500)
  • Maternity Ward Construction ($25,000)
  • Microscope ($400)
  • School Uniforms
  • Re-Useable Feminine Hygiene Products ($5 each)
  • Three Avocados Uganda Bugisu Coffee, notecards, t-shirts, Ugandan crafts, and other unique items will be available at the Advent Festival. Also drop by the Parish Gift Shop!