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Revamping our Hospitality

We are Revamping Our Sunday Hospitality in Camerman Hall to be as welcoming to our parishioners as we are to our guests at Mary’s Place on Monday Evenings!

At Mass we come to the Supper of the Lord’s table. We want our communion with each other to continue after Mass at our parish family tables downstairs for coffee and breakfast.

What’s Your Part?

Our goal is to have enough volunteers so that one person will give their time to help serve for hospitality only once a month. If you are a leader, helper, like to mingle with others, work with your hands or even stay behind the scenes and help, there is a role for you!

Role of Hospitality Captain

Ensure Hospitality runs smoothly

  • Oversee all Hall Hospitality activities, answer questions, direct people as needed.
  • Try to not get pulled into “doing” tasks, but rather marshal the volunteers to complete what needs done.
  • Check off and hand assignments to volunteers as they arrive before and after Mass.
  • Recruit extra volunteers, as needed, from the people who are entering the Hall.

Role of the Greeter

Draw people to the Hall and welcome them

  • Check in with Hospitality Captain 15 min before Mass. After communion slip back to vestibule, so when Father dismisses be ready to encourage others down to The Hall. “We’re looking forward to your joining us” , “ Your table is waiting”, etc…
  • Assist elderly downstairs if they would like assistance.
  • Offer to assist moms with young children as needed…show them Kids Korner
  • Watch for people who might want help finding a table. Gently suggest tables where peers might be sitting.
  • Gently try to suggest seating newer people with established parishioners.
  • Encourage teens to join the “Teen Table’ for games.
  • Introduce yourself, talk with people – get to know as many people as possible this year!
  • It’s ok to sit down and talk with people, especially if there are plenty of volunteers!

Role of Hospitality Waiters

Welcome people to the Hall and serve folks with trays of samples and poured coffee.

  • Greet people as you serve coffee (in case they don’t want to wait in line). Offer to follow elderly or young families to a table and bring their coffee, juice to them.
  • After most folks are seated, move around to the tables with sample trays or offer to bring them fresh coffee/tea. (Take their order!)

Role of the Coffee/Hot Water Person

Ensure that we don’t run out of coffee

  • Make Coffee (regular, decaf) as needed
  • Stay “on top” of the coffee as it goes quickly. As your shift comes to an end, as a courtesy, be sure to have urns filled for next coffee hour.

Role of the Food-Buffet Person

Ensure that we don’t run out of food on the serving tables!

  • Keep food tables replenished as necessary, clean and organized.
  • Kitchen Crew or Hospitality Captain will direct you where things are in the kitchen.
  • Be willing to prepare sample cups for waiters (if waiters are too busy) when samples are being served.
  • Check regularly and replenish food on the tables
  • Keep napkins, spoons and knives replenished.

Role of the Kitchen Crew

Wash and put away dishes, keep areas clean

  • Rinse and wash dishes in appropriate racks, dry and replenish tables as needed with cups, trays and silverware. Towards end of last shift wash and put away.
  • Wipe kitchen counters regularly with disinfectant.
  • Know where things are, guide others to find items.
  • Bus dirty trays from empty tables and from the garbage collection areas to kitchen and place in dishwasher racks for cleaning.

Role of the Set-Up Crew

Consistent and timely room set-up to support other Hospitality teams and parishioners (approx. 7:30 AM to 8:00 AM)

  • Setup food tables, coffee and tea stations and condiment stations first.
  • Setup tables and chairs (including standup tables) per layout map.
  • Put on table cloths neatly and evenly.
  • Put out chalk boards, menu sign on easel, and hang Kids Korner and Teen Table banners on brick wall with tape.
  • Setup Kids’ Corner tables and lay out butcher paper, tape at the ends to secure.
  • Put out sandwich boards in plaza center and at main driveway entrance.

Role of the Take-Down Crew

Timely room take-down, proper storage of equipment and cleanup of Hall, kitchen and surrounding corridors, to support the mission of Hospitality. (approx. 1:30pm to 2:00pm)

  • Wipe chair seats with spray bottle & paper towels in kitchen.
  • Put away all extra tables and chairs into storage area per standard instructions.
  • Fold, hang and put away tablecloths.
  • Put away chalk boards and banners, easels back.
  • Retrieve and put away sandwich boards from plaza and main driveway to hallway location with other directional sandwich board signs Sweep Social Hall floor and clean up any spills.
  • Empty all garbage and recycling cans and toss in containers across the street in Parish Center parking lot and replace garbage bags.

Role of the Cold Beverage & Condiment Person

Ensure that we don’t run out of cold beverages, condiments

  • Keep cold beverage containers replenished with orange juice, apple juice and ice water.
  • Keep silver pitchers replenished with ½ & ½ cold creamers
  • Keep tables free from used tea bags, stir sticks, sugar packets, etc.
  • Use small trash can on top of tables & under condiment table for debris.
  • Wipe up any messes right away.
  • Don’t run out of cups, replenish as necessary.

Sign-ups for Hospitality roles will be available after the Sunday Morning Masses.