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Questions regarding the reception of Holy Communion

I am receiving many questions and requests to receive Holy Communion from parishioners. I am very edified by people’s desire for Communion and recognize what a hardship it is for people to be deprived of the Source and Summit of our faith.

Msgr. Gerard O’Connor, who is the director of the Office for Divine Worship, put out this document a few days ago which gives a good theological and pastoral explanation of the relationship between the Sacrifice of the Mass and Holy Communion. Please read it carefully as it is very careful and precise in its language.

Click here to read: Holy Communion March 2020

One of the important facts to realize is that Mass isn’t cancelled. The most important thing is the the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is being offered daily in our parish, even if our whole congregation is not able to attend in person.

We should all be focusing not on what we are missing out on – but on what we can do. So, even though we can’t receive Holy Communion or be in person at Mass, we can visit the Blessed Sacrament in the Church (or if you are homebound or don’t want to go out we have the new livestream adoration up!!!), pray the Holy Rosary, make the Stations of the Cross, do the Divine Mercy Chaplet, pray the Liturgy of the Hours, do Scripture Meditation etc. etc. etc.

Another thing I want people to remember is that the “ordinary” way God gives graces is through the Sacraments – but in this “extra-ordinary” time we know that God can give us all sorts of spectacular graces for this particular moment of “Eucharistic fasting” through all those other devotions and prayers. So, no excuses!!!

And especially important is that Viaticum (communion for the dying) is available to all who need it.