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Praying Deeply & Seriously

How to Make Prayer a Life-Changing Experience

The Lord invites us to prayer and the Lord invites us to pray deeply and seriously so that we can really know and encounter his salvation in our lives, but most of us don’t feel like we are very good at praying.

We are constantly being encouraged to pray and to spend time in meditation and to bring our difficulties and questions to the Lord, but what exactly does that mean?

And how do we do it? 

The fact is that most of the time it doesn’t really feel like we’re getting anything out of prayer time!

Fr. Lappe is going to be teaching on prayer in a way that explains and encourages you in how to pray with the Scriptures, so to create a place for God to speak to you and  for you to hear and recognize his voice.

6-Week Wednesday Evening Series on Prayer

6:00 PM in the Church

We will take a break for Ash Wednesday (February 26) and our Parish Mission (March 4) with Fr. Brian Mullady, O.P.

Mary reading Scripture