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Nyakishenyi Parish Official Opening

Belated Easter Wishes!
I am writing to express to you and your faith community of Our Lady Star of the Sea Parish for your most appreciated supported to Nyakishenyi Parish and of course to this Diocese as well.

On April 23, 2017 we had wonderful celebrations for the  Consecration and official opening of Nyakishenyi Parish Church. It is a beautiful big round Church on top of the hill on which both the church and rectory are built. It was a very prayerful and enriching ceremony that was attended by a big percentage of the parish population. Once again I do sincerely express to you our most sincere gratitude for your friendship and very valuable support. 


With prayers and wishes for many blessings of the Risen Christ,


+Callist Rubaramira
Bishop of Kabale
Blessed Sacrament being placed in the new tabernacle donated by one of the faithful.