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March 21 Parish Update

In case you don’t get our emails, here goes…

Here’s what we are trying to accomplish as a parish right now:

  1. help hold and keep our community together
  2. make sure people aren’t falling through the cracks and that physical and spiritual needs are being met
  3. help people to use this unprecedented opportunity to grow in love of God and neighbor

If you want to volunteer to help with anything, please send me an email at:

All of our volunteers over 60 will be restricted to phone calls. I know that this is difficult for many to hear. The reality is there is much uncertainty in regard to how things will progress. Now is not the time to be taking risks that we may deeply regret in the future. It is not worth taking unnecessary risks when we have plenty of younger volunteers available. We are not stopping any important or essential ministries due to fear – we are prudently switching them up using the best information available.

Upcoming plans:

  • Please check our website for the most up-to-date information:
    • There you will find the link for the livestream Masses and Rosary and the Formation Sessions.
    • Coming soon will be information for youth and children’s programs including Faithworks and
    • Podcasts by our missionaries
  • Starting this Monday, we will start up Livestream Exposition and Adoration from the church. There will be exposition from 7am to 8pm. During the remaining hours, the live stream camera will be focused on the Tabernacle. I am hoping this can be hosted on our website as a little picture and then people can click on “full screen” for prayer.
    • We need you to subscribe to our YouTube channel to make this possible. Click here and hit subscribe:
  • Starting this Monday as well, we will livestream the Holy Rosary with the Dominican Sisters. This will then be available on YouTube every evening at 7:15pm, Monday through Friday.
  • Starting this Wednesday from 6:30pm to 7pm, if we can get things ready, I’m hoping to offer a livestream spiritual formation session. This will give people a quick break before the Rosary at 7:15.
  • Mary’s Place will continue to feed the homeless. With guidance from those who have worked so hard for many years, volunteers under the age of 60 will be preparing and serving meals. I’m thinking, hoping, that the government is not going to require the shutdown of this service.
  • A big thank you to the School Staff who has done a wonderful job switching gears so quickly. The kids all have plenty of schoolwork to keep them busy!
  • Keep sending in your photos of your Domestic Church at prayer…and your pets.

In Christ,

Fr. Derek Lappe