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Kabale Diocese-Golden Jubilee

Greetings to you from Kabale!

…on July 31, 2016, we celebrated our Diocesan Golden Jubilee in the open grounds of our Cathedral. We had wonderful celebrations that were graced by the Apostolic Nuncio who was our main celebrant for the Mass. In attendance were three Archbishops, three Bishops, and delegates
from a number of Dioceses. The majority of the clergy attended with representatives from all our 33 parishes and Diocesan Institutions. We missed your presence as one of the main donors who have facilitated the renovations of our cathedral.

Since August 18, of 2015, we continued the works of renovating Our Lady of Good Shepherd Cathedral. We bought new cupboards for our sacristy. We constructed two toilets in the sacristy. We bought new chairs for the Bishop, main celebrants, and concelebrating priests for the sanctuary. All the new cathedral chairs were used on our Golden Jubilee and we had to add more chairs to seat the Bishops and concelebrants. The cathedral was fitted with new electric cables and wires. There is good electricity lighting and even security lights outside. We purchased and replaced all the broken and missing stained glasses. We have cleaned the brick walls and replaced all the worn-out bricks both in the interior and exterior walls of the cathedral. We have purchased and installed a new public access system for the cathedral. The choir gallery was also repaired with new concrete floor and rails. The works on the side chapels and their floors have also been completed.

With the completion of the above works and purchases…we have completed the renovation of the cathedral. We have been assisted immensely by your gracious donation plus local contributions from friends and the faithful.

On behalf of the entire Diocese, allow me to express to you and the faith community of your parish our very sincere gratitude for your most appreciated and generous financial contribution that has helped us to complete the renovation of our cathedral. We shall always cherish and value your friendship and support. We pray that God will give you good health and continue to bless you and your ministry.

Yours sincerely in Christ,

Callist Rubaramira, Bishop of Kabale