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I’ve been spending a lot of time in the church…

We are truly blessed to have such a beautiful place to pray. It’s especially great when the sun is out and the windows are bright.

Looking at the windows – I thought I would offer a little home project for all of you. First part can be done at home. Second part is for when you come by to visit the church.

  1. Why is there a chariot surrounded by flames in the window the Ascension?
  2. Why is there a phoenix in the window of the Resurrection?
  3. What do the letters O P N mean in the St. Maria Goretti window?
  4. Why does the window of St. Frances Cabrini have a dove with an olive branch in its mouth? (extra credit)
  5. Why is there a pomegranate pictured in the window of the Resurrection?
  6. What does the P, F, S stand for in the St. Patrick window?
  7. Why is the coat of arms of Venice in the window of St. Pius X? and musical notes?
  8. Why is there a black cat pictured in the St. Jean Vianney window?
  9. A little donkey face in the window of the Descent of the Holy Ghost?
  10. What do the letters “C, G, P, L, B, B, F, B C” in the window the Descent of the Holy Ghost stand for?

When you visit the church:

Which window has

  1. symbol of Egypt?
  2. A caterpillar – cocoon – butterfly?
  3. The only Sacred Heart image in the church?
  4. God the Father?
  5. An evergreen tree?
  6. Snakes?
  7. the company and names of the artists who made the windows?
  8. Which window has the word “corona” in it?
  9. Roosters? (there’s two)
  10. Bees?
  11. A box of Gold?
  12. A child getting ready to be confirmed?
  13. People sleeping in it (there’s two)

Extra credit:

How can you tell which thief is the good one, and which the bad one?