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Fulfilling the Vision


Please click the links below to see updates on our Fulfilling the Vision campaign:

April 2019 Update

February 2019 Update

June 2018 Update
December 2017 Update
October 2017 Update
August 2017 Update

Fulfilling the Vision completes our parish campus in a way that leaves nothing else to be done!

We’re calling this campaign Fulfilling the Vision because we really believe that it completes our parish campus.

When it is complete we will have:

  • A nice convent for the sisters
  • A new rectory for the priest
  • A beautiful Church
  • An easily accessible elevator from the vestibule of the church to Camerman Hall
  • A dedicated youth center l Plenty of space for meetings and activities
  • Convenient & safe parking for senior citizens and the handicapped
  • A welcoming & inviting parish office area
  • A dedicated adoration chapel for exposition of the Blessed Sacrament
  • A beautiful & well-kept school
  • A great gym
  • Housing for the missionaries

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Floor Plans for the Parish Center:

We’ve been blessed by the faithful generosity of the generations of Catholics who came before us. We have this beautiful church, the school building, the gym and parish center. Now it is our turn to build upon what we’ve been given & to hand it on to those who will come after us.


Amount Received
Total Pledged - $3,336,499

  Donate Today

To set-up online giving, Sign-in to your InFellowship Account, click the ‘Your Giving‘ button and then ‘Schedule Giving‘.
Select ‘Fulfilling the Vision-Capital Campaign‘ under Give to tab.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you missed our Fulfilling the Vision Presentations in the past, here were some of the frequent questions people had:

Are the rectory remodel & new rectory construction part of Fulfilling the Vision?

Our Lady Star of the Sea-New Rectory

The construction of the new rectory and the rectory remodel have already been completed. The rectory remodel was funded by the 2016 Annual Catholic Appeal rebate. A donor gave more than half of the money for the new rectory; the remainder was financed with a loan of about $300,000.

Why are we doing this campaign now?

Many of the goals for this campaign were identified during Fr. Freitag’s time here: more space for the school, replacing the parish office, additional meeting space. The urgency to replace the parish office has increased over time as the building is inadequate. There is now a large hole in the roof covered by a tarp. We don’t want to put money into this building when we know its useful life is limited.

How much will it all cost?

We estimated our original project to cost $4.5 million. Because we were not able to reach this goal, we have since then revised our plans (see links above). It has been wonderful to witness the incredible generosity of our fellow parishioners and with $3.3 million in pledges, we can still Fulfill the Vision!

What about closing Veneta?

At this time, vacating Veneta is not part of the project.

Will there be enough storage for all the organizations?

Storage has been a consideration in planning from the beginning. There will be storage on the first and second floor of the remodeled parish center. We will be working with the different ministries directly as the project progresses.

Will there be enough meeting rooms for all that goes on at the parish?

The staff looked at all the different groups that schedule meetings at the parish and determined that we have enough of the right sizes of meeting rooms to accommodate our current level of meetings with plenty of room to grow.  

Why are we adding an Adoration Chapel?

This parish has a faithful history of Perpetual Adoration dating back to 1983. Currently, adorers worshipping in the church are disturbed by other activities that take place throughout the week: cleaning, decorating, organ and choir practice, religion classes, wedding rehearsals, etc. Worshipping in the new Adoration Chapel creates the opportunity for undisturbed worship of the Exposition of the Eucharist.

Will we still be able to pray in the church?

The church will continue to be open as it is today. Anyone who wishes to pray there is always welcome. There will now be two lovely settings in which to pray.

Why are you seeking 100% participation from the parish?

In reviewing the giving level of our parishioners and our financial goal of $4.5 million needed to Fulfill the Vision, it was clear that we can only reach that goal if all our parishioners are involved and give at an average rate of 2.75 times their annual parish giving. Some parishioners will be able to give more and others will not be able to give at the 2.75 level.

How long will the campaign run?

We’re asking for a one time pledge to be paid over the course of three years. We began receiving pledge money in late 2016 and expect to continue receiving pledges through the first half of 2020. Currently, our average pledge is $7200, or $200 per month for three years. We’re asking parishioners to consider matching that amount. Another option is for a household to DO THEIR PART with a gift of $150/month which is $5400 over three years; that’s the cost of the project shared among our committed parishioners. Or to consider pledging $100/month for $3600 over three years.

When does construction start and when will it be completed?

Construction can’t start until 50% of the pledges are collected. We expect to reach that point in the last half of 2018.  

Will we need to borrow money?

We expect the cash flow of the pledges to coincide with the construction project. We will likely start the construction late 2018 and finish before mid-2020 which is when the last of the pledges will be received.

Will the Office be open on Sundays?

Once the remodeling of the Parish Center and Office nears completion, we will look at the possibility of having the parish office open on Sundays so parishioners can access the library and gift store.

All for Jesus, all through Mary, all in imitation of St. Joseph.