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FTV Revised Campus Plans

Since launching our Fulfilling the Vision campaign at the beginning of the year, we’ve witnessed the incredible generosity of so many of our parishioners! We have received $3,336,499.38 in pledges to date. With that new figure in mind, we revised our campus plan so that we can still Fulfill the Vision.

The architect estimates the project described below will cost $2.8 million. Next a cost estimator will do a detailed estimate to see if this project will be feasible.

  1. This new plan transforms our current Center Room 4 into a welcoming parish office across Veneta from the main doors of the church.
  2. A new Adoration Chapel will be created in the northeast corner of the Center building. As previously envisioned, it will have stained glass windows, high ceilings and seating for 8-12 people.
  3. Meeting and office space will be located on the second floor of the parish center without needing to relocate the gym.

This plan still increases accessibility with approximately 30 more flat parking spaces, 15 more than the previous plan, as well as an elevator to Camerman Hall.

This new configuration replaces the meeting and office space of the current parish office and Center Room 4. An elevator to the second floor with additional restrooms and kitchen area support the meeting spaces there.

This plan also leaves the door open to future expansion with a second floor over the gym and relocating the gym, if that ever becomes necessary to support the growth of the parish.

Questions? If you have any questions or comments about these revised plans, please contact Mark Powell: 360-479-3777