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Fr. Lappe Blogging

Actually, I’m not really blogging.

But I am going to use this blog to communicate with everybody and also to ask for your help with things.

As you can see from the attached picture, not all of my kitchen cupboards are organized yet, but, other than the Tupperware drawer, I really don’t have a lot to do (most of my kitchen knives are already sharp).

Just about everything in the parish is cancelled.

The office is open. The staff are working. We are keeping one-on-one appointments.

But all of the group activities and anything that would gather together a group is cancelled for the foreseeable future.

Very importantly however, the church is open. We have exposition from 7am to 8pm – and you can get a code from the office to come in and pray all night long (only the parking lot side door punch code is working right now).

It is a real consolation for me to see so many people coming in to pray, and spend time with our Eucharistic Lord.

Anyway, since I don’t have anything to do, I will be here in the Church most of the day if you need anything – you can grab me for confession or to chat.