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Easter Octave

Greatest Feast of the Church

Christ is Risen!

This Sunday we celebrate the Resurrection of the Lord. This holy day is the beginning of the Easter Octave, each day a solemnity, the highest of feasts! Each day is like a ‘little Sunday’, prolonging the initial feast for eight days. This gives us the opportunity to contemplate the mysteries, joys, and graces of Easter, the greatest feast of the Church.

In order to celebrate the greatest of feasts, we must recognize the importance of Holy Week, more specifically, the importance of Christ’s sacrifice on Good Friday:

“If Holy Week is the most sacred and most important week of the entire ecclesiastical year, it is because it draws its importance from Good Friday, the day on which Christ, the God-Man and Redeemer, died on the cross for us. Rightly therefore can this week be considered the most serious and awe-inspiring in the Church’s calendar. But Easter Week is the antithesis of Holy Week. Since the resurrection was the most significant event in the life of our Lord who by means of this wonderful and undeniable fact made His divinity known to the entire world, Easter is the highest Sunday and Easter Week the great week of the entire Church year. No other feast is ever celebrated during this week..” (With Christ Through the Year, 1947, Bernard Strasser, p. 144).

Through His Death, Christ destroys our bondage to sin. Through His Resurrection, He gives us new life and opens the gates of Heaven, where His Father has prepared a place for us. Easter is the foundation of our Christian faith, for without Christ’s Death and Resurrection as St. Paul writes, “…our preaching is in vain and your faith is in vain.” (1 Cor 15:14)

Beyond the Easter Octave

Although the Octave of Solemnities comes to a close on Divine Mercy Sunday, it does not mean the ending of Easter itself. The Easter Season continues until Pentecost, lasting longer than the Lenten Season which has prepared us for this moment.

Continue to celebrate this Easter Season with joy in our hearts, marveling at Jesus’ triumph over death itself and recognizing His great love for us!

Have a Blessed Easter!

Easter Schedule:

Saturday | 8:30pm Easter Vigil Mass
Sunday | 7:30am, 9:30am, & Noon Mass

Divine Mercy Sunday Schedule

Mass Times | 8am, 11am, 5pm
Confession | 1-3pm
Divine Mercy Chaplet | 3pm
Shroud of Turin Presentation | 3:30pm