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Camino Virtual Walk – Week 1: Stages 1-7

Stages 1-7

This week we begin our journey at St. Jean Pied de Port and travel all the way to Logroño. “Explore the historic walled town where the pilgrim office and hostels are located. St. Jean Pied de Port has become the modern gateway to the camino and the traditional starting point for pilgrims from all over the world with the exception of those in Spain…” -Pg.44 of A Pilgrim’s Guide to the Camino de Santiago by John Brierley

Personal Reflections-Stage Two: “ many contrasting sensations – the quiet of the countryside, the bustle of the city, the warmth of the sun, the cool of the rain, the perfume of the wild flowers, the acrid smell of burning rubbish, the bright red of the ubiquitous poppy, the dull grey of asphalt road. I sit supported by my rucksack and watch the stalks of wheat swaying in the wind. My lunch is laid out before me like a royal feast. I feel an overwhelming sense of well-being and recite the beautiful Antroposohpical grace with which to bless the richness of this day and my simple meal…”

You make your way through Roncesvalles (valley of thorns) to Zubiri (21.9 km), past the medieval bridge over the Rio Arga. Chapels and hospices dedicated to San Lazarus are often located at the entrances or exits of the town along the way. At first, the walk through is tranquil, but soon turns into busy main roads leading into and through the bustling city of Pamplona.

“Will you stop and visit this holy temple…? The beautiful 13th century figure of Christ crucified hangs over the altar. If our life is a reflection of our temple, to whom have we dedicated it and what have we placed upon its altar? -Pg 90 of A Piglrim’s Guide to the Camino de Santiago