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Building Plans for the Rectory

There's quite a bit of preparation needed before the Sisters' arrival next summer.

One, being the restoration of the current rectory in which the Sisters will reside and the construction of a new rectory for Fr. Lappe to live in. There are several questions being asked on how we plan to go about this. We hope these answers will help put your minds at ease!

Where will Father Lappe live if the Sisters move into the rectory next year?

The parish owns two homes across 5th street on Veneta. These will be demolished to make way for a new rectory that will be purpose built according to Archdiocesan guidance.

Couldn’t the existing homes be repurposed for the rectory?

The age and configuration of the homes isn’t conducive to the kind of living space required. The new rectory will have a private area for the pastor, a similar private area for a visiting priest, and a spare bedroom for a guest or visiting seminarian. The rectory will also have a small chapel and areas suitable for the entertaining typical of a pastor: auction dinners, ministry barbeques, young adult gatherings, etc.

Will the new rectory fit in with the look and feel of the rest of the homes on the block that were built in the early 1900s?

The rooflines and exterior finishes of the rectory will be consistent with the neighborhood.

Is it possible to sell the homes instead of destroying them? Or salvage items of value to help defray the expense of the project?

Because of the trees and electrical wires in the neighborhood and the age and condition of the homes, it would not be cost effective to sell and have the homes relocated. We will be asking Habitat for Humanity if they would like to salvage any of the materials before demolition.

Will parishioners help with the demo and construction of the new rectory as was done when the school was built?

No. Unfortunately, labor laws and insurance rules have changed since that time. We will use professional contractors to build the new rectory.

Will there be a capital campaign to pay for the new rectory or the remodel of the existing rectory for the Sisters?

No fundraising campaign is needed. Thanks to the generosity of the parish, the monies collected for the Annual Catholic Appeal campaign this spring largely paid for the renovation of the existing rectory to accommodate the Sisters. Anonymous donors contributed the balance of the money to build the new rectory.

What’s the timeline for this project?

Demolition of the homes should begin by the first of August. We are just waiting for the city to process the permits. Depending on permitting process and weather, the rectory should be ready for Father to move in May. Then, remodeling of the old rectory will begin and be completed prior to the arrival of the sisters in August 2017.

What needs to be done to the existing rectory?

There are both maintenance items and remodel issues that will be addressed. The exterior siding will be repaired and painted. The hardwood floors will be sanded and refinished. The kitchen will be updated. The main floor will be reconfigured to add a chapel for the sisters. The solarium will be remodeled to add a bedroom. The former bar will become a kitchenette.