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An Invitation to a Relationship

Omukago gutandikira aha Muhanda – Friendship Begins on the Journey 

We’d like to thank Fr. Reuben Mubangizi for visiting us! Let us continue to keep in touch with him & our friends in Uganda.

There will be a Farewell Reception & Spiritual Bouquet Offerings in Camerman Hall during Hospitality on Sunday, May 1, after morning masses 

Drop off thank you cards and Spiritual Bouquets for Fr. Reuben at the Parish Office by Tuesday, May 3.

Let's Keep in Touch!

Fr ReubenFr. Reuben can be reached via email, postal mail, and soon on Facebook.

  • Postal Address:  Mary, Mother of the Church, Nyakishenyi Parish, P.O. Box 56, Kabale, UGANDA


“Your visit is a clear sign of love from our sisters and brothers in Bremerton have for us,” – Sister Parish Chairperson Kayabuki Silver

Visiting delegations are forming for 2017, 2018, and 2019! 

Reach Out

Send cards and letters to sponsored Children, parish groups, schools, individuals and families.

Contact Tammi Murray via email or phone (360) 990-0900 (eves) with questions.