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A Virtual Pilgrimage

Join your fellow parishioners for a Virtual Pilgrimage of the Camino de Santiago !

We’re all stuck at home these days. Many of us would like to travel, most of us can’t go anywhere, but we all need to get some type of exercise.

The Camino de Santiago, or Way of St. James, is a pilgrimage of Medieval Origin to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, in the Northwest of Spain. The remains of the Apostle Saint James the Great were buried here and discovered by a shepherd in the 9th century. The city is named after the apostle: Santiago de Compostela means St James of the Field of Stars.

What is this virtual pilgrimage?

We’ve joined with “My Virtual Mission”, an online platform that will help us travel as a parish group along the most popular route of the Camino, which begins in Saint Jean Pied de Port, France, to Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

            Most of us exercise a few times a week. Or we should. A global pandemic may make it difficult to go to the gym or soccer field, and the end of summer may make us want to stay indoors on the couch. Your body is a Temple of the Holy Spirit, so let’s take care of it! In a Virtual Mission / Pilgrimage, we’ll all exercise with a purpose in mind, and it won’t be boring! With each participant’s exercise session, we accumulate our miles together along the route.

How it Works

Our total pilgrimage is about 520 miles. If I walk today for 3 miles, you swim for 5 miles, and John Smith runs for 4 miles, then our team advances 12 miles for the day. When you login to our Mission Page to add your mileage, you’ll find our team and individual icons as they advance along the map of our pilgrimage. You can even see Google Street Views to look at the physical surroundings at our “virtual” location.

Each participant gets their own login. You’ll sign yourself up, and enter your own exercise data whenever you want.

You track your distance, whether your chosen exercise is walking, running, swimming, cycling, rowing. How do you keep track of your distance? Activities can be sent automatically to our mission page via most activity trackers (for example, your Fitbit). Distances can also be entered manually. AND, you’ll find a chart to help you translate other types of exercise (such as CrossFit, soccer, water aerobics, yoga, or juggling) into miles. Either way, whenever you exercise, you can enter your “distance” into the app.


You will love seeing our progress on the map and checking out your surroundings at each location. You can view live weather information and images as well as seeing yourself on Google Streetview as you advance along the mission path.

What does it Cost?

When you enter, you’ll pay a fee of $6.50 directly to “My Virtual Mission” to cover their costs of administration and billing. No money is paid to the parish.



Who is our TEAM?

We hope it includes you, your family members or friends from the parish! You’ll be able to see how other participants in the parish are doing during the pilgrimage on our Mission Page. We’ve set our target completion date at November 22nd, the last Sunday of the Liturgical Year before Advent begins. If we have a large number of very active participants, we may reach our destination earlier than that.

You can communicate with the rest of the team during regular, (optional) Zoom meetings on Thursday evenings during our journey. We will use that time to pray together and share experiences. We can explore the areas we’re traveling through, and study about Saints of those areas. When we’ve reached our goal, we can have a Zoom celebration together!

How Do I Start?

It’s Easy! Click the button to register! If you have concerns or questions, contact Kathy at the parish office, or email at