First Friday Family Formation Nights

Sep 1, 2021 | Catholic Faith, Church, News and Events

First Friday Family Formation Nights

Sep 1, 2021 | Catholic Faith, Church, News and Events

Camerman Hall


Join us for our monthly Family Formation Night every first Friday of the month! We will gather each scheduled evening at 6:00PM for a potluck meal in Camerman Hall (please bring a dish to share!) and then conclude at 8:00PM

September 2 (Yes, this is a Thursday!)

Presentation & Kick-off of the Domestic Church Project:

The Domestic Church Project is a home-based, 6-week program for the WHOLE family. This program was designed to help ANY parent (no matter your own formation level, no matter if you are a single parent, convert, or married to a non-Catholic, etc.) build and lead a Domestic Church.

October 1

Dr. Tom Curran on the Importance of Classical Education in the Modern World:

Dr. Tom Curran: Catholic Radio Host | Speaker | Author

As a speaker, Dr. Curran has given over 2000 presentations to more than 350,000 people in 35 states and 6 countries. He specializes in many topics, including the Sacraments, marriage and family, evangelization, and the Holy Spirit. For over 15 years, Dr. Curran has been the host of a Catholic weekday radio show and podcast that airs on more than 10 stations and reaches tens of thousands of Catholics online.

He will be presenting for everyone on the best way to build a Catholic Culture and evangelize our young people in an increasingly hostile world.


***Bonus offering by Dr. Curran***

OCTOBER 2 – 10:00AM – 1:00PM Protecting Your Kids Online

Please note that this extra talk has been cancelled.


November 5

Dr. Michael Naughton on Reclaiming the Lord’s Day:

Dr. Naughton is the director of the Center for Catholic Studies at the University fo St. Thomas (Minnesota, US) where he holds the Koch Chair in Catholic Studies and is a full time professor in the department of Catholic Studies.

The Reordering and Healing Power of Sunday. The single greatest thing you could do to transform your family – Reclaim the Lord’s Day!

December 3

Fr. Kurt Nagle

Fr. Nagle is the Pastor at St. Monica in Mercer Island, with a Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University in Colonial American history.

One of the most important elements of Classical Education is an emphasis on History and learning history. Fr. Nagle will present on why history is so important for our young people to learn especially in our modern world.

January 7

Dr. Sarah Bartel

Dr. Sarah Bartel and her husband Nathan are the founders of, supporting online Catholic marriage enrichment. She is a moral theologian, co-host of “Enduring Love” Radio on Sacred Heart Radio, and co-editor of “A Catechism for Family Life”.

She will be presenting on “Magnificat” – type communication focused on gratitude and affirmation in marriage and family life. A lot of devout families can have a rich Catholic culture in the home with liturgical living and devotions, but still have toxic communication patterns between spouses and with their kids that ends up damaging their witness of the faith. Sarah will offer encouragement and practical help for marital communication.

February 4

Celebrate Calm (on parenting)

Everything we do is the fruit of our family’s transformation. And over the years that has multiplied. We’ve now helped half a million families all over the world create a new family tree. We can help you change your child’s behavior overnight. But what we really want is for you to become a new person. 


Podcasts and videos also available.

They will also be speaking with the teachers at school and with the school children during the day.

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