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2017 Annual Catholic Appeal

What is the Annual Catholic Appeal?

The Annual Catholic Appeal is about being Catholic and recognizing there are priests and deacons to be trained, social services for the needy and poor to be offered, Catholic schools to sustain and grow, retired priests and nuns to support and so much more! The Annual Appeal allows you to join thousands of Catholics to support more than 60 ministries and services throughout Western Washington. Your support is essential to our mission – without YOU, there would be no Church. Thanks to your generosity, our church is here in times of need providing comfort and hope. Visit the Archdiocese of Seattle’s Website for More Info

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Our Assessment:

Our assessment this year is $149,750 but our parish goal is $249,750. Every dollar that we raise over that amount comes back to our parish in the form of a rebate. The kitchen in Camerman Hall is in need of an update and we would like to use the rebate to fix our kitchen. Since Mary’s Place started three years ago, we have been pushing the old kitchen to the limit. We have served up to 250 people on Monday nights, and average about 150 homeless, hungry, and lonely on a regular basis. Our kitchen facilities just are not adequate to keep up the high level of service & quality we want to offer our guests. With your help and support, we can make the necessary changes and make it a great facility for all our parish needs; including hospitality, the Knights of Columbus fish fry, San Lorenzo Ruiz guild dinners, and all the other activities. Prayers are also always, always needed & encouraged!

There are 173 parishes and missions in the Archdiocese, serving over 500,000 Catholics. When you give a gift to the Annual Catholic Appeal, your money goes to support over 60 ministries and services.

Some of the ministries supported by your gift include:

♦ Catholic Faith Formation ♦ Cultural & Ethnic Minstry
♦ Catholic Youth Organization ♦ Catholic Schools
♦ Youth and Young Adult Evangelization ♦ Sisters’ Retirement
♦ Catholic Community Services ♦ Tribunal
♦ Retired Priests’ Medical Care & Priests’ Pension ♦ Seminarian Formation
♦ Diaconate & Religious Life ♦ Lay Ministry Services