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Inspiring Saint Quotes on the Eucharist
Written by Rebecca Jordan   
Friday, 30 April 2010 14:53
This weekend my class will be receiving Jesus in the Eucharist for the first time. My mind
has been very focused on teaching the greatness of the Eucharist, so I wanted to share with you some very inspiring quotes from Catholic saints about the Eucharist.

"Holy Communion is the shortest and the safest way to Heaven." - St Pius X

"When Our Lord sees pure souls coming to visit Him in the Blessed Sacrament He smiles on them. They come with the simplicity that pleases Him so much." - St. John Vianney

"This is the Bread of everlasting life which supports the substance of our soul." - St. Ambrose

"For even as our bodily food is changed into our substance, so the Holy Eucharist transforms us into Jesus Christ." -
St. John Baptist de la Salle

"As two pieces of wax fused together make one, so he who receives Holy Communion is so united with Christ that Christ is in him and he is in Christ."  -
St. Cyril of Alexandria

"The longer you stay away from Communion, the more your soul will become weak, and in the end you will become dangerously indifferent." -
St. John Bosco 

"The culmination of the Mass is not the consecration, but Communion." - St. Maximilian Kolbe

"If angels could be jealous of men, they would be so for one reason: Holy Communion." - St. Maximilian Kolbe

St. Therese of Lisieux"Do you realize that Jesus is there in the tabernacle expressly for you - for you alone? He burns with the desire to come into your heart...don't listen to the demon, laugh at him, and go without fear to receive the Jesus of peace and love..." -
St. Therese the Little Flower

"How I loved the feasts!.... I especially loved the processions in honor of the Blessed Sacrament. What a joy it was for me to throw flowers beneath the feet of God!... I was never so happy as when I saw my roses touch the sacred Monstrance..." - St. Therese the Little Flower

"We must visit Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament a hundred thousand times a day." -
St. France De Sales

"In one day the Eucharist will make you produce more for the glory of God than a whole lifetime without it." - St. Peter Julian Eymard

"Until we have a passionate love for our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament we shall accomplish nothing," - St. Peter Julian Eymard 

One day St. Teresa of Avila heard someone say: "If only I had lived at the time of Jesus... If only I had seen Jesus... If only I had talked with Jesus..."

To this she responded: "But do we not have in the Eucharist the living, true and real Jesus present before us? Why look for more?"

St. Thomas Aquinas"When you look at the Crucifix, you understand how much Jesus loved you then. When you look at the Sacred Host you understand how much Jesus loves you now," - Blessed Mother Theresa of Calcutta

"Ask Jesus to make you a saint. After all, only He can do that. Go to confession regularly and to Communion as often as you can," - St. Dominic Savio

"From the Eucharist comes strength to live the Christian life and zeal to share that life with others," - Venerable Pope John Paul II

"The Eucharist is the consummation of the whole spiritual life," - St. Thomas Aquinas

Rebecca Jordan
Written on Friday, 30 April 2010 14:53 by Rebecca Jordan

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